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1967 to 2021

Ecopest is a family run business established by Frank Vetter in 2002. Frank developed and trained highly skilled teams establishing a national footprint in Gauteng, KwaZulu natal and Cape Town offering an arranging services and expertise to multinational franchises within the hospitality, manufacturing and FMCG sector.

Tragically we lost Frank in 2021 due to Covid 19 complications, however he left behind two loving sons Reece and Jarryd Vetter as well as excellent business partners in the national footprint and an amazing team of dedicated Ecopestians around the country to carry his name forward and honour his legacy into the future.

Our aim is to carry our core fundamentals instilled in our dedicated ecopestian team of holding long term valuable relationships with our clients always focusing on efficient service and compliance. Our team going forward will take these fundamentals passed on and merge them with innovation in our space always considering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pest control.



We have partnered with Briskflow, an innovative customer relationship portal with new innovative red dot technology allowing us to easily service, track and automate all future compliance reports for our clients bringing new levels of efficiencies and convenience never seen before from the touch of a button.

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We have approached a leading distributor as well as invested in the necessary equipment, product, and training to bring a new revolutionary fumigation system into Southern Africa starting the phasing out of the toxic Methyl Bromide fumigation systems. This will open up our market to greater agricultural and logistics market expanding our growth into the future.

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Live capture initiative

Our name represents eco friendly pest control which will be the focus in 2022 and beyond. We plan to set up a multitude of partnerships with rescue centres as well as establish release sites for pests and animals in need of rescue from urban jungles. We plan to do our part to preserve nature to our best ability and this exciting development brings a new outlook to pest control services in Southern Africa.

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In partnership with 5Pixel, we are undergoing a full rebranding strategy outlining our eco-friendly future goals of our business bringing a fresh and crisp approach to our brand for the future and looking at possible further franchise opportunities in current regions we don’t service.

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DIY product development

Ecopest will be focusing on developing its own range of DIY products assisting the small, medium and individual person to economically treat there home and businesses without the cost of technicians and travel costs. We plan to develop a safe and effective product line with easy application by anyone.

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