Soil Poisoning & Termite Treatment

Soil Poisoning & Termite Treatment


ControlSubterranean termites are controlled in the following ways:Pre-construction: The foundation trenches, v-channels and under solid floor areas must be treated with a termiticide drenching the entire area according to label directions normally at 5 litres per square meter.Post –construction: The entire structure must be drilled through the outside perimeter wall to reach below the floor slab and a solution of termiticide is then injected according to label directions.Nests: Holes must be drilled into the nest and the nest must be flooded with a solution of termiticide according to label directions. Normally a minimum of 75 litres of solution is required depending on the size of the nest.Control of harvester termites is normally accomplished by establishing where their shallow nests are and a solution of termiticide is then injected into the numerous nests.The surface area around the nests must also be treated with a solution of termiticide as the harvester termites will strip the surrounding vegetation, taking these clippings down into the nests.Control of dry-wood termites is accomplished by encasing the entire structure in gas proof plastic sheeting and then introducing a toxic gas for twenty four hours.If this is not possible then the infested timber must be replaced with new pre-treated timber and the rest of the structural timber must be drilled at 300mm intervals and be pressure injected with a registered wood preservative

Pre-Construction Termites

Ecopest Warrantied Pre-Construction Treatments, often referred to as a Pre-treat, are available for new construction homes, additions, garages, offices, and other Industrial and commercial buildings and are designed to keep termites from infesting your new home or business in the future. The pre-construction termite treatment is often the first step in protecting your home against termite infestations. The pre-construction termite treatment is performed once the foundation, blocks, and backfill have been completed. The same termite treatment methods are utilized for our pre-treat service as are used in standard termite treatments, including trenching. Our comprehensive Pre-Construction Termite service provides treatment to the surrounding soil of a construction area, as well as treatment to the foundation, slab or basement areas, to create a preventative and protective barrier against possible future termite infestations. This protective barrier is designed to prevent termites from crossing through or under (subterranean termites live under the ground) and will include the entire interior and exterior perimeters of the building foundation of the new construction areas. Pre-construction Termite Treatments may be especially crucial and beneficial to new commercial buildings, to prevent a future termite infestation that could disrupt general business operations when treatment would need to be done later.

Post-Construction Termites

Post Construction or preventative termite treatments are available as an option to homeowners and business owners after your home has been built. The same treatment process is followed for post construction and preventative termite treatments and the soil surrounding your home or business is treated as a protective soil barrier against termites that may pass through or under the treated soil areas. Pre-construction and Post Construction Termite Treatments include a one-year GUARANTEE warranty from the date of treatment service, which is the same as all our termite treatments. If the termites are found within the one-year guarantee period, a return visit for additional treatments to the affected area will be made at no additional charge for the guaranteed warranty year